THE CRISIS: The military does not cover pet relocation and many military families face extraordinary and unexpected costs to relocate their pet when they are ordered to a new duty station in the U.S. or abroad. U.S. shelters near military bases report high surrender rates due to this crisis.

OUR MISSION: Keep military families and their pets together by providing financial assistance for burdensome pet relocation costs.


"Thank you so much! We are so appreciative. The SPCA International's help allows our family to stay complete. As we settle in to a new country and duty station, our children will adjust easier with Rico and Lola there to comfort them and help them feel at home."

Douglas & Becky Poza, U.S. Marine Corps family and Operation Military Pets grant recipients


NEW IN 2014: Operation Baghdad Pups is now OBP: Worldwide, rescuing animals worldwide for members of all military branches.

THE CRISIS: Deployed members of the U.S. military, stationed on bases all over the world befriend local animals that become loyal pet companions. When their deployment ends they are often forced to leave them behind.

OUR MISSION: Rescue the patriot pets who helped our heroes cope while stationed overseas. Reunite pets with our service
members to aid in their readjustment to life back home.